What We Do

We create films and campaigns that change the world.

OUR MISSION: To create visionary films and dynamic educational campaigns that move individuals and communities to take action for a more just world.

We specialize in crafting strategic documentary films and distribution campaigns with ambitious social, economic, and environmental justice goals.

Working closely with movement advocates and public interest organizations, we:

We have helped stop a multinational corporation from producing the trigger to neutron bombs, catalyzed a national movement to create community land trusts, and supported lesbians and gay men to redefine the definition of “family”.

GroundSpark’s landmark program, The Respect For All Project focuses on creating schools and communities that are safe for all young people.

Through this initiative, we help youth and the adults who guide their development

The Respect For All Project offers a comprehensive set of resources for educators and youth-service providers, including award-winning documentary filmshigh-quality curriculum guides, and a comprehensive workshop series for professionals and community members.