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Debra Chasnoff with the Eugene, Oregon school district superintendent and school board president after keynoting their safe school conference.

GroundSpark’s President and Senior Producer, Debra Chasnoff, is often invited to be a guest speaker at conferences, screenings, and other events.

Debra’s presentations are usually offered in conjunction with a screening of one or more of the films she has directed for GroundSpark, or include selected excerpts from films with relevant subject matter.

Presentation Topics (selected list)

• the pressures on youth to conform to gender norms;
• culture change strategies for addressing name-calling and bullying;
• why and how to build inclusive communities which are welcoming to children from all different family structures;
• the importance of adopting LGBT-inclusive curricula and how to do that;
• goals and strategies for pursuing a life/career centered on social justice activism;
• using media as a tool for change;
• workshop/mentorship opportunities for students to develop their own activist media projects.


“Debra’s incredible presentation clearly demonstrated how a clear vision, a cogent analysis, and practical skills can be—and in her life have been—connected to create social change. Her presentation connected in clear, multiple ways for students; have already stopped me on campus to express their appreciation for Debra’s presentation.”
Laura Vance, Director of Gender and Women’s Studies, Warren Wilson College

“We have been extremely fortunate to have Debra Chasnoff present to our Department of Education over the past 15 years, most recently at our hallmark Teaching for Civic Engagement conference. Debra’s effectiveness as a speaker superbly complements her films in motivating our teachers and school psychologists in training toward active careers that confront prejudice and discrimination in our schools. She is extremely knowledgeable about child and adolescent development, gender roles, and the impact of media images upon children, as well as education and school climate. Perhaps at the core, is Debra’s relatedness and the power of her personality and activism. She embodies authenticity, acceptance, empathy and responsiveness. Debra demonstrates these capacities beyond the level of many skilled clinicians and actively lives out the wisdom of building trusting relationships that are a catalyst for meaningful change. Her presentations have remained with us long after she has departed through the impact that she has had upon our curriculum, and our student teachers and future school psychologists.”
—Steven Luz-Alterman, Co-Director, School Psychology Program, Tufts University

To book Debra for a presentation, please contact us with your event date and organization and any other pertinent information.