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GroundSpark offers film screenings and presentations for a variety of events including film festivals, professional conferences, community gatherings and schools.

Here Are Some of the Ways Our Films Are Being Used

We offer various types of workshops for educators, youth service providers and parents about how to use our films. Read more about our workshops.

Professional Conferences
School administrators, educators, youth service providers, mental health professionals and others watch our films and learn how they can be used with students and staff in anti-bias education programs.

Community Gatherings
Public screenings of our films are often sponsored by county departments of health and education in conjunction with public libraries, community and neighborhood organizations.

To screen any of our films for students or staff, institutions may purchase a DVD or rights to streaming video.

Film Festivals
Our films have won awards at top film festivals around the world. Contact us to book any of our films for a festival.

Book a Screening or a Presentation

Email us at if you are interested in hosting a screening of any of our films, or if you would like to schedule a professional development workshop.

Organize a Local Screening

Educators, parents, and community leaders across the country are using our films to support their local safe schools work. Screenings are being organized to draw attention to local efforts, fundraise, and re-energize the dialogue around creating safe and inclusive schools. GroundSpark can assist with outreach and communications, and can even organize for one of the film’s participants to attend your screening. For more information about organizing a local screening of any GroundSpark film, please email us.

PTA screenings to address bullying, a partnership with Welcoming Schools. For more info click here.