We make films that create change.

GroundSpark produces documentaries on a variety of social justice issues, ranging from environmental concerns to preventing prejudice.

You can stream most of our films online.

StraightLacedBuy this Film
Showcases the diverse and unscripted voices of teenagers who speak about their experiences with pressures around gender roles and sexuality.
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Let's Get RealBuy this Film
Features youth speaking frankly about their varied and often painful experiences related to bullying at school, and helps open dialogue about the underlying prejudice- related to issues such as gender identity, race, national origin, class, religion, sexual orientation and more- that is fueling the bullying epidemic. Read More »
That's a FamilyBuy this Film
Breaks new ground in helping children in grades K-8 understand the different shapes families take today. Read More »
It's ElementaryBuy this Film
The groundbreaking film that addresses anti-gay prejudice by providing adults with practical lessons on how to talk with children about gay people.
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It's STILL ElementaryBuy this Film
This moving story and political drama revisits the students and teachers from the original groundbreaking film, It’s Elementary, and discovers the profound impact of using film as a tool for social change. Read More »

Other GroundSpark Titles

Celebrating the Life of Del Martin
Legendary lesbian civil rights pioneer Del Martin passed away in 2008. To honor her incomparable contributions, San Francisco celebrated her life with a moving civic celebration in its City Hall grand rotunda.
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One Wedding and a RevolutionWatch Clips from this filmBuy this Film
Reveals the inspiration, motivation and political challenges at San Francisco City Hall during the frantic days leading up to the first government-sanctioned same-sex marriage.
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Home and HandsWatch Clips from this filmBuy this Film
An inspiring documentary about three communities where low-income residents have found an empowering way to realize the American dream — owning a home.
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Wired for What Buy this Film
Visits four elementary schools grappling with computerization to find out if technology is helping to change our schools for the better or dull students’ creativity and drain educational resources.
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Deadly DeceptionWatch Clips from this filmBuy this Film
This 1991 Academy Award® – winning documentary uncovers the disastrous health and environmental side effects caused by the production of nuclear materials by the General Electric Corporation.
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Choosing ChildrenWatch TrailerBuy this Film
Emotionally powerful documentary that challenges society’s definitions of family by exploring the ways lesbians are becoming parents and how they are raising their children.
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A Foot in the Door tells the story of Kindergarten to College (K2C), the first universal children’s savings account program in the United States. Launched by the City and County of San Francisco, the program automatically provides a college savings account to children when they start kindergarten.
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