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One Wedding and a Revolution Featured at 4th Annual Gero-Ed Film Festival

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One Wedding and a Revolution has been accepted for the 4th Annual Gero-Ed Film Festival held at the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) Annual Program Meeting. The festival features films that show positive images of older adults or that highlight aging issues.

Since 2006 the Gero-Ed Film Festival, which is sponsored by the CSWE Gero-Ed Center, has introduced social work educators, students, and leaders to important films, such as One Wedding and a Revolution. With remarkable footage of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, long-time lesbian activists, marrying on their 51st anniversary, this film demonstrates that marriage equality affects people of all ages.

GroundSpark looks forward to having our film featured again this year!

Meet Some GroundSpark Heroes!

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At GroundSpark we stay pretty busy—and passionate about social justice—not just during the week day but in our “off hours” as well. Take Cristy Chung, for example. She’s the Community Programs Manager here at GroundSpark, where she specializes in helping underserved school communities take steps to build more safe and inclusive learning environments— but her dedication to equal civil rights goes well beyond the 9-5 work day. Her involvement in the quest to achieve marriage equality is extraordinary. Recently a piece in the Gay and Lesbian Times came out detailing her work and how she became the lead plaintiff on the case that led to the California Supreme Court ruling on behalf of marriage equality. Click here to read her amazing story that started several years ago.

Cristy Chung, Community Programs Manager at GroundSpark
Christy Chung

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Proposition 8 Goes To Court

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Wedding video of Del Martin and Phylis Lyon.

Yesterday was a day we had all been anxiously awaiting—–the oral arguments in the case of Proposition 8 by the California Supreme Court. Ever since the results from
the 2008 election, we knew that day would come, and it arrived with bittersweet anticipation.

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