Streaming FAQ

Online Viewing

Most of our documentaries are available for streaming.

You can watch our films online through our streaming portal on New Day Films or, if your institution subscribes to it, on Kanopy Streaming.

How does streaming work?

Streaming requires no special equipment or software, other than a high-speed internet connection.

Most of GroundSpark’s films can be streamed via our educational distributor, New Day Films. Many institutions also have access to our films through Kanopy Streaming.

For individuals: A high-speed internet connection and audio card is all that’s required. Note: the resolution of the individual streams is designed for SMALL SCREENS only. Please order an institutional stream if you will be watching on anything larger than a laptop or watching with a group.

For institutions: When you purchase a 3- year, 5-year or 14-day streaming license, you will receive a link based on your IP address or IP address range. Streams will easily integrate with class management software, such as Blackboard.

With New Day’s completely reliable and secure system, your institution can have all the advantages of an in-house streaming system, without the overhead. Even if your organization has its own system, using New Day’s system to access our films frees up capacity for your servers to carry content that isn’t available through remote streaming

For distance learning: We work with your proxy server to provide streams for off-campus viewers.


Educational streams are offered as high-quality Flash streams that can be played on any computer with the Flash browser plug in (free download), which is already installed on most computers. Institutional streams run at 700kbps or 1500kbps. For comparison, YouTube films stream at either 300kbps or 900kbps and On Demand films stream at 400kbps or 700kbps.

All streams are designed to work on iOS devices (mobile phones and tablets).