The Respect for All Project

The Respect for All Project

GroundSpark's Respect For All Project facilitates the development of inclusive, bias-free schools and communities by providing media resources, support and training to youth, educators and service providers.

The Professional Development Workshops

Since 2003, over 10,000 educators, human service professionals and youth service providers have attended Respect For All Project (RFAP) workshops, which highlight innovative and effective strategies for using RFAP films with children, students, parents/guardians and the professional community.

Participants in these workshops have the opportunity to:

To schedule a workshop in your area, please email us for more information.

Workshop Packages

Introductory workshops are offered for Straightlaced, That’s A Family! and Let’s Get Real. Workshop content for this series can include:

The Basic workshop is offered in three- and four- hour versions. Content of the four-hour version includes a series of site-specific activities and discussions focused on local initiatives, planning and goal setting.

Intensive workshops are offered for It’s Elementary, That’s A Family! and Let’s Get Real. Workshops in this series are designed to move participants beyond a basic understanding of the problems and themes addressed in the selected film. These workshops are suggested for those groups seeking deeper discussion, exploration and action planning. Concrete guidance is given on promising practices and problem solving related to the related film themes and content.  While Basic workshop completion is not a prerequisite for the Intensive version, a general understanding of the issues raised in the chosen film will ensure the most productive workshop experience.  The Intensive workshop requires more time and is more specifically tailored to address the challenges and needs of the host group or school. Workshop content for this series includes:

Due to the scope and depth of the Intensive workshops, they are only offered in four-, five- and six-hour versions. Content of the five- and six-hour versions include a series of activities designed to enrich participant understanding of cultural competency and long-term institutional climate change.

Mentor workshops are offered for That’s A Family! and Let’s Get Real only. These workshops are designed to prepare qualified professionals to conduct Basic Respect for All Project workshops in their local service area. Mentor workshops are twelve hours in length, and are suggested for organizations seeking to implement our films and guides throughout their service provision area, within their school district or as part of a regional or national program.

Participants will receive direct, concrete instruction and guidance for facilitating a Basic workshop. Mentor workshops aim to develop a strong command of the problems and themes addressed in the films, cultivate effective facilitation skills, and increase familiarity with the accompanying curriculum guide and supplemental materials.

Family and Community Forums

The Respect For All Project also offers family and community forums featuring Straightlaced, It’s Elementary, It’s STILL Elementary, That’s A Family and Let’s Get Real. These forums are focused on facilitating dialogue among families and community members about issues related to these films including, but not limited to, welcoming all families, building safe schools, preventing prejudice and bullying.  In preparation for a family/community forum, the community facilitator works closely with local leaders and community members to ensure a strong fit between the forum’s agenda and the desired goals and outcomes of the host community, school or agency. Forums are usually no more than two and a half hours in length, and are designed to take place in a community or public setting.