Impact and Outcomes

The Respect for All Project

The Respect for All Project

GroundSpark's Respect For All Project facilitates the development of inclusive, bias-free schools and communities by providing media resources, support and training to youth, educators and service providers.

“I believe we all must do our part to stop the epidemic of bullying in our schools. I am proud to support this incredible program, because I know that The Respect For All Project has made a real difference in other communities where these workshops have taken place. I look forward to seeing the benefits of these workshops and resources in our local school communities.”
Nebraska State Senator Gwen Howard

* * *

“THANK YOU! The capitalization of those two words does not begin to express the gratitude that we have for the presentation, and for the curriculum guides and video. Your trainer provided our staff with an outstanding presentation covering sensitive topics… the staff responded well to the video and curriculum guide. I had a few ask to borrow the video to take home and watch with their children. I think that was a huge first step!”
Mike Guevara, principal, Delaine Eastin Elementary School

* * *

“Thank you for the time you spent presenting to the Circle of Sisters staff. The facilitators really enjoyed learning more about the many different types of families in today’s society. The work you do is inspirational and very important!”

“Your dedication and commitment to helping youth, their families and communities is essential. I hope that more programs like the That’s a Family! curriculum will be developed to help broaden the minds and understanding of diversity issues… The videos and lesson plans are wonderful additions to our program.”
—Amy Chevrolet, LCSW, program specialist, Circle of Sisters

* * *

“The Let’s Get Real training was very valuable, as it provided a firm foundation for our school’s long-term effort to create and maintain an ever more respectful community environment. Since the training, we have been able to refer back to specific aspects of the workshops with students, such as scenes in the video and classroom discussions, to reinforce lessons and to highlight our commitment to helping our student body feel secure and protected. Several students have said that by participating in the workshops, they feel encouraged by the acknowledgment that many others [are] affected by teasing, and that they have more in common with some of their peers than they first thought … Overall, there has been a greater appreciation on the part of parents, students and faculty for the need to address instances of teasing and bullying in an immediate and thorough way.”
Lisa Richter, teacher, San Domenico School

* * *

“I am so grateful for the materials, information, activities and discussion in the Straightlaced training. The framing was beautiful and I liked how you developed a sense of community within the group. I am ready to push my school to show this movie to the entire community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
—High School Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District

* * *

“Because of this workshop, I gained more of an understanding of the societal causes that make males decide other males are “gay” and put them down. It also made me think much more about how socio-economic status fits into the pressures everyone faces around gender and sexuality. I’m eager to take this knowledge back to my school site and start dialogues about how gender stereotypes limit all of us.”
—High School teacher attending Straightlaced Professional Development session

“Every parent, educator and policymaker should be concerned about school violence. By reflecting the true diversity of American families, That’s a Family! breaks down intolerance and promotes true understanding – a first step toward making our schools safe for all children.”
US Senator Barbara Boxer

That’s a Family! is an extraordinary film that teaches a poignant lesson about love and family.”
Robin Williams, actor

“I love That’s A Family! I use it for both my undergraduate and graduate courses on Children and Families and Cultural Awareness for Young Children. It covers all of the family structures teachers will encounter in our increasingly diverse classrooms. There is always positive feedback and lengthy conversations about how teachers should be prepared to handle a variety of situations, even if they make them uncomfortable initially. Plus the resource book that accompanies the film has book lists for the different family structures, and a plethora of suggested activities—which pre-service and in-service teachers love.”
Dr. Shanna L. Graves, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education,
University Of Houston-Clear Lake

“Recognizing diversity as a promise and not a threat, That’s a Family! helps children to feel understood and appreciated instead of condemned because of their family.”
Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, executive director, Interfaith Alliance

That’s a Family! is a superb video production. It provides a wealth of material that can produce hours of productive conversation about the many ways in which people become families. The use of children speaking in their own voices about their experience of family is especially successful. I heartily recommend this video.”
—Don-David Lusterman, PhD, fellow, Academy of Family Psychology

“Families encompass both traditional and nontraditional structures, and include a broad range of ethnicities. This film will help children recognize that, while families may look different from one another, their ultimate goal – to love and support their children – is universal.”
—California State Senator Dede Alpert, Senate Education Committee

“It is delightful to see that someone is able to give a realistic portrayal of the changing face of the American family. With the honesty and sincerity of the children’s voices, That’s a Family! shows how we are all different, but that the true definition of family is one in which there is love.”
—Evelyn K. Moore, president, National Black Child Development Institute

That’s a Family! should be aired and discussed in every school across the country. Its message of inclusion and respect for all is both timely and universal.”
—Ellen Hofheimer Bettmann, author of Hate Hurts

That’s a Family! is wonderful and a must for every elementary school classroom. These children’s insights about their families must be heard by all parents, teachers, counselors and others who are committed to helping our nation’s children understand and celebrate difference and diversity.”
—Michele Harway, PhD, past president, American Psychological Association, Division of Family Psychology

“I see a lot of programs from around the world voiced by kids, and few are as genuine, without the fingerprint of an adult dictating the child’s words or feelings. That’s a Family! promises to be an extremely beneficial tool for teachers and parents.”
—David Kleeman, executive director, American Center for Children’s Media

That’s a Family! is a refreshing look at diversity among American families and the kids who grow up in them. The children’s voices are compelling. They are unanimous about what is essential—that their caregivers love, nurture and guide them. They eloquently debunk stereotypes about children from nontraditional homes. That’s a Family! should be shown widely across America.”
—Alvin F. Poussaint, MD, co-author of Lay My Burden Down and professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

That’s a Family! is a wonderful new film that will help children talk about their own families and have a richer understanding of others. The film demonstrates that families are different from each other in many ways, and that diversity is the rule rather than the exception.”
—Jane Smith, president and CEO, National Council of Negro Women

“Children are an overlooked resource in the adult definition-of-family discussion…and that’s unfortunate. The children in That’s a Family! do not have preconceived notions or limited vision. They speak powerfully, persuasively and without a doubt about many different kinds of loving, happy, strong and successful families. What a concept!”
—Dr. Margorie Engel, PhD, past president, Stepfamily Association of America and current member of the National Stepfamily Resource Center’s Stepfamily Expert Council

“The National Partnership for Women and Families applauds That’s a Family! for its innovative approach to acknowledging the diversity of today’s families. What children have to say about their own families and society’s reactions to them is delightful, sometimes poignant. The video will be a valuable conversation starter, both for young students and for adults—a nonthreatening look at some hard topics.”
—Judith L. Lichtman, president, National Partnership for Women and Families

“Through the poignancy of the children’s own words, That’s a Family! validates the family as any unit whose members love and care for one another. The film shows that grandparents and other relatives can provide loving homes for children, and underscores the need for dialogue and exchange across the generations.”
—Donna M. Butts, executive director, Generations United

That’s a Family! introduces us to families across America who face very different circumstances but a similar need for love and respect. It will be invaluable for educators and youth-advocacy workers as they seek to understand the changing nature of American families. Congratulations on another film that broadens our understanding of issues facing children and their families today.”
—Kathleen Weiler, PhD, associate professor of education, Tufts University

“A great example of real-world sociology. It enables my students to think through contemporary social constructions of family as well as the way that educational media can be a vehicle for social change.”
—Vanessa Adel, Sociology Department, Smith College

The Respect For All Project Evaluation – California

In 2005, an independent evaluation team, BTW, assessed three years of The Respect For All Project (RFAP) professional development events in California. Analysis from surveys and interviews with participants determined that:

88% of all RFAP workshop participants agree that RFAP videos are effective tools for discussing these difficult, but important issues with youth.

84% report an increased awareness, ability and motivation to teach on issues of diversity or to prevent or better respond to name-calling and bullying.

69% of Let’s Get Real follow-up survey respondents report that the workshop promoted internal policy discussion related to name-calling and bullying at their institutions

80% of educators using That’s a Family! found that their students and youth had increased their comfort and familiarity with youth from different family structures.

Click here to download the full executive summary and learn more about how educators use their new skills and resources after participating in a RFAP workshop.

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