Respect for All Project Institute

The Respect for All Project

The Respect for All Project

GroundSpark's Respect For All Project facilitates the development of inclusive, bias-free schools and communities by providing media resources, support and training to youth, educators and service providers.

In our two day RFAP Institute we bring together all of the films in the Respect for All Project series to give professionals who work with youth the opportunity to learn about many aspects of diversity and inclusion work with K-12 age youth.

We address:

The institute is a totally interactive, learn-by-doing, two day training.  We combine viewing portions of our films, experiential exercises, exploration of the curricula that accompany the films, sharing of best practices, leadership skill building and group discussion.  Never a dull moment!  In addition to the skills, information and insights gained, participants leave with a DVD and accompanying curriculum guide of the Respect for All film of their choice, an action plan for themselves as individuals and for the organization, school or community of which they are apart. Not to mention important new connections with other like-minded professionals.

“I loved the different approaches to teaching- kinesthetic, artistic, sharing emotional/large small group etc.”

We begin the workshop by considering the issues of safety and inclusion in Let’s Get Real, which shows the real experiences of middle school age youth dealing with bullying and bias connected to many issues of identity, including race, class, and gender.  We build skills and explore how to use the film and accompanying curriculum to establish safe environments for students to learn about diversity issues, increase ally behavior and treat one another with respect so all can learn and thrive.

“Seeing the videos was a great way to promote conversations. As I watched the videos I thought about how my students would react. Many great strategies and lessons were directly modeled for us so it will be easier to use in a variety of settings.”

Using portions of That’s a Family!, a film for all ages, especially elementary age children, we explore the role of family in children’s lives and what it looks like in a school or group setting to honor and reflect young people from all types of families to build self-esteem, improve wellness and academic outcomes.

The experiences of high school youth dealing with the pressures of gender and sexuality in Straightlaced—How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up are a jumping off point to learn about the ways that young people are impacted and resist negative messages, create new language and identity and how we can directly support them.

“I valued actually doing the lesson in the curriculums, building a safe community immediately, we learned so much, but it was never overwhelming.”

Finally, excerpts from It’s Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues in School serve as models to help us develop as leaders in our schools and communities, addressing sensitive issues in developmentally appropriate and relationship building ways.

We repeatedly receive feedback that participants at our trainings appreciate the expertise and skill of our facilitators and the opportunity to spend time with other professionals who are all dedicated to increasing inclusion for diverse children, families and youth.