Straightlaced Curriculum Guide


Extensive selection of pre- and post-viewing activities designed to engage youth discussing issues from the film. Contains a list of supplemental readings, film clips, and resources for youth and adults. 160 pp.



GroundSpark’s comprehensive, accessible 160-page curriculum guide is designed to enhance the use of Straightlaced in school, community group and professional development settings.

“This excellent companion piece provides educators with activities and tools to truly deepen the conversation and learning sparked byStraightlaced.”

—Beth Yohe, Associate Director of Training and Curriculum, National Education Division, Anti-Defamation League

“An excellent complement to the film and an invaluable resource!”

—National Education Association

What’s in the Guide

    • Critical background information on a wide range of issues related to teens, gender and sexuality—and the ways these issues connect with race, culture and class.
    • Preparation tips for bringing Straightlaced to your school or community.
    • Youth-friendly warm-up activities to help introduce the film.
    • Strategies and questions for creating dynamic Straightlaceddiscussions with middle and high school students.
    • A variety of theme-based activities to extend and deepen the conversation on specific topics, such as: media messages, gender identity, stereotypes and social disparities, gay and lesbian experience, gender and race, and healthy relationships.
    • Engaging tools for assessing school climate and taking action.
  • Additional resources to help you continue the dialogue.

The curriculum is designed to be used with a companion DVD that includes film clips for the activities, as well as electronic copies of all handouts and materials. For schools and community organizations buying for educational use, the guide and the companion DVD are packaged with the full film in a set. Extra copies of the curriculum guide are also available.

Individuals who purchase the film for home use may choose to order the guide and companion DVD separately.


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