Making a compelling documentary film is just the first step toward using film to ignite change.

For each of our films, we identify key organizations with which to partner to ensure that we reach the right target audiences, the people who can best use the films to make change.

For That’s a Family! and Let’s Get Real, for example, we formed a coalition with the National Association of Children’s Museums, the Afterschool Alliance, The Child Welfare League of America, and the National Education Association. Together we organized dozens of daylong professional development screenings and workshops in cities across the United States. Reaching thousands of educators and social service providers, this coalition influenced the way family diversity and bias-related bullying is being addressed with children in countless communities.



For Straightlaced we identified key organizations working on gender and sexuality issues and are working with them to make the film available to open up dialogue about how gender norms confine teens today. And we’ve collaborated with the domestic violence prevention community to use the film to expand awareness between the connection between gender-based pressures and the factors that contribute to spousal violence.