Additional Resources

Wired for What?

Wired for What?

Visits four elementary schools grappling with computerization to find out if technology is helping to change our schools for the better or dull students' creativity and drain educational resources.

The Digital Divide Network
The Benton Foundation and the National Urban League, with private foundations and companies from across the Internet, computing, telecommunications and software industries host the Digital Divide Network, an initiative to coordinate information, strategies and efforts targeting solutions to the Digital Divide.

The Learning Connection
Report on how educators are dealing with the rate of technological change as it relates to education. Also discusses major players in the education technology arena.

Community Technology Centers Network (CTCNet)
CTCNet is a national nonprofit membership organization of more than 1,000 independent community technology centers that provide free or low-cost access to computers and computer-related technology. The centers partner with schools, museums, community centers and churches to provide training and promote equitable access to technology.

For an array of links to statistics and training resources from organizations concerned with technology, education and access, visit the PBS Digital Divide site.