Mirrors and Artwork By Children

That's a Family!

That's a Family!

That's a Family! is an entertaining documentary that breaks new ground in helping children in grades K-8 understand the different shapes families take today. Part of The Respect for All Project.

A window is for looking through. A mirror reflects your image back to you. That’s a Family! can validate each student’s own family while expanding all students’ notions of what makes a family. This guide offers ways of using That’s a Family! as mirrors of and windows into children’s families and the diverse world around them. Thinking about how a video chapter, accompanying lesson or book provide windows and mirrors for your students can be a valuable way for you to choose and use the resources in this curriculum.

That’s a Family! is a teaching resource that provides an essential mirror for children of single parents, divorced parents, gay and lesbian parents, caretaking guardians, children in interracial families, children who have been adopted and others living in varied family configurations. Many children will see themselves mirrored in more than one section in this video.

That’s a Family! is also an important resource to help children from nuclear families see their family structure as one of many possibilities in the world, not the only possibility.

Watching and discussing That’s a Family! will help students sharpen their sense of who they are while broadening their understanding of others. Use the following questions to offer children opportunities to think about diversity and to move from mere tolerance toward genuine respect and appreciation of differences:

The purpose here is not just to learn about different families, but to learn from different families.