Why This Film Is Needed

It's STILL Elementary

It's STILL Elementary

This moving story and political drama revisits the students and teachers from the original groundbreaking film, It's Elementary, and discovers the profound impact of using film as a tool for social change.

In February 2008, Lawrence King, a 15-year-old openly gay student at E.O. Green Junior High in Oxnard, CA was murdered because of his sexual orientation. The FBI 2006 Hate Crimes Statistics report an estimated 9.7% of sexual orientation hate crimes occurred at a school or university. Schools are still not safe for those with perceived differences.

Over a decade has passed since It’s Elementary sparked national momentum to create hate-free safe school environments that encourage respect for all. However, escalating school violence underscores the need to promote curriculum and increase efforts to ensure all youth have access to education free from harassment.

It’s STILL Elementary shows that all children are negatively affected by anti-gay prejudice and that all adults who work with young people have a responsibility to address that bias pro-actively. The consequences of not doing so –including higher dropout rates and bias-related violence in schools – are too serious to ignore.

Educators can use the power of It’s STILL Elementary to open dialogue among students and school administrators. This film helps dispel stereotypes by promoting respect and understanding before prejudices root.