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One Wedding and...a Revolution

One Wedding and...a Revolution

Reveals the inspiration, motivation and political challenges at San Francisco City Hall during the frantic days leading up to the first government-sanctioned same-sex marriage.


National Center for Lesbian Rights
NCLR is a national legal resource center with a primary commitment to advancing the rights and safety of lesbians and their families through a program of litigation, public policy advocacy, free legal advice and counseling, and public education. In addition, NCLR provides representation and resources to gay men, and bisexual and transgender individuals on key issues that also significantly advance lesbian rights.

Freedom To Marry
Freedom to Marry brings together the work of gay and non-gay organizations and their strategies of litigation, legislation, direct action, and public education — into a larger, shared civil rights campaign that fosters heightened outreach to non-gay allies. Freedom to Marry also provides support to targeted state and local efforts.

Marriage Equality USA
Marriage Equality USA uses education, media campaigns and partnerships to raise awareness around and end discrimination in civil marriage to allow same-sex couples the same legal and societal status as opposite-sex couples.

Human Rights Campaign
As America’s largest gay and lesbian organization, the Human Rights Campaign effectively lobbies Congress; mobilizes grassroots action in diverse communities; invests strategically to elect a fair-minded Congress; and increases public understanding through innovative education and communication strategies.

Lambda Legal
Lambda Legal is a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, the transgendered, and people with HIV or AIDS through impact litigation, education, and public policy work.

TALK TO KIDS ABOUT… Same-Sex Marriage. As the debate over same-sex marriage engulfs the nation, parents should be prepared for children’s questions.’s parenting columnist shares age-appropriate suggestions for talking to kids about the issue.
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