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We make films that create change.

GroundSpark produces documentaries on a variety of social justice issues, ranging from environmental concerns to preventing prejudice.

A Foot in the Door

We recently completed A Foot in the Door, a commissioned project that profiles Kindergarten to College. K2C is a universal college savings account program administered by the City and County of San Francisco.

GroundSpark, in partnership with Citizen Film, was contracted by Citi Community Development, CFED,  and the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment to create a short documentary that would inspire more policy makers, financial service providers, and educators to embrace the concept of children’s savings accounts (CSAs).

Our goal was to bring to life a unique asset building program in a short film that could be used by the entire CSA development field. First we conducted off-camera interviews with several policy experts in the field and digested background literature about K2C and CSAs. We worked with the San Francisco Unified School District to identify a school site with a diverse low-income student body and then contacted several families to find one family whose story to tell.

The final 17-minute film combines both policy analysis and a moving personal story. A Foot in the Door premiered at the 2012 Assets Learning Conference and is now available for screening.

We are now exploring further media projects to support the CSA development movement.