Deadly Deception

Deadly Deception

This 1991 Academy Award®-winning documentary uncovers the disastrous health and environmental side effects caused by the production of nuclear materials by the General Electric Corporation.

Deadly Deception is a prime example of non-corporate, citizen journalism. Its imagery, clean interviews, juxtaposition of advertising fantasy with devastating realities and its no-nonsense, non-sensational style of reporting is a bulwark against an increasingly corporatized and centralized media landscape. Anti-corporate journalism is still a part of our cultural DNA and Deadly Deception will inspire new filmmakers, journalists and activists to produce equally impactful products.”

— Eric Singer M.Ed., Ph.D. Educational Outreach Coordinator and Curriculum Developer – Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States

“… a meticulous polemic that does to General Electric what Roger & Me did to General Motors.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“You’ll never again be able to calmly view a GE ‘We Bring Good Things to Life’ commercial after watching this compelling video…a sickening and powerful story.”

Utne Reader


The Boston Globe

“Investigative reporting at its highest level.”

American Film and Video Association