Production Credits

One Wedding and a Revolution Press Kit

One Wedding and... a Revolution

Reveals the inspiration, motivation and political challenges at San Francisco City Hall during the frantic days leading up to the first government-sanctioned same-sex marriage.

A GroundSpark (formerly Women’s Educational Media) production in association with The National Center for Lesbian Rights

Produced and Directed by

Debra Chasnoff

Co-Produced and Edited by

Kate Stilley

Special Thanks (in order of appearance)

Kate Kendell

Joyce Newstat

Mabel Teng

Gavin Newsom

Del Martin

Phyllis Lyon


Sophie Constantinou

Fawn Yacker


Miriam Cutler

Title Design

Julia Tortolani

Sound Mix

Lora Hirschberg

Associate Producer

Sue Chen

Sound Recordist

Wellington J. Bowler

Production Assistant

Amy Hutto

Assistant Editor

Benita Naschold

Editorial Intern

Marisa Stertz


Video Arts

Radio news courtesy of National Public Radio