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Let's Get Real

Let's Get Real Press Kit

Examines issues that lead to taunting and bullying, including racial differences, perceived sexual orientation, learning disabilities, religious differences, sexual harassment and others. Part of The Respect For All Project.


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Let’s Get Real, a powerful new documentary
where kids speak up about bullying, features students who have been targeted,
as well as the youth who do the bullying and the allies who intervene
when they witness harassment.

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“People like I used to be end up in jail,
or are hurt, or are put somewhere or killed, you know, for
doing something like that.” –a sixth-grader, on
why he decided to stop bullying other kids, from the new
documentary film Let’s Get Real.

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“On the last day of school, they kind of ganged up on me and started calling me mean names. They were taking their fingers and, like, they would go ‘I’m Chinese.’”–a seventh-grader on being taunted because of her race, from the new documentary film Let’s
Get Real

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“[You do it to see] how pissed off you can get the other person. My brother does it to me, and I just feel free to do it to kids that are, like, littler than me.” –an eighth-grader on why he bullies other kids, from the new documentary film Let’s
Get Real.

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“If someone called us an ‘immigrant,’ we would get offended by that. We would probably joke around and call each other that, but if it’s outside the race, its kind of — it’s offensive.” –an eighth-grader, on the use of racial slurs at her school, from the new documentary film Let’s Get Real.

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Director Debra Chasnoff talks with Jenn, an
eighth-grader, during a break while filming the new documentary
Let’s Get Real
. Jenn says boys in her class make comments about girls’ bodies all the time. “It just doesn’t feel that good when you have, like, a whole group of guys surrounding you doing that,” she said.

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