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It's Elementary Press Kit

It's Elementary Press Kit

The groundbreaking film that addresses anti-gay prejudice by providing adults with practical lessons on how to talk with children about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. Part of The Respect for All Project.

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“A model of intelligent directing.”
International Documentary

“Smart, rewarding, enormously valuable.”
Howard Rosenberg, Los AngelesTimes

“Could become one of the most important films ever devoted to lesbian and gay issues.”
Barry Walters, San Francisco Examiner

“A sterling production & Highly recommended for parents, educators and other adults.”

Booklist, American Library Association

“In the film, ignorance is replaced with fact, stereotype with information, and hate with a more tolerant attitude. You can see students becoming more comfortable with something that left them confused and scared.”
David Zurawick, Baltimore Sun

“When parents aren’t teaching against hatred and name-calling at home, teachers are left to deal with the consequences, and this program can help.”
Diane Holloway, Austin American-Statesman

“The real stars of the video are the kids, who are often light-years ahead of their parents and societal norms in understanding what prejudice is all about.”
Doug Ireland, editorial, The Nation

“Remarkable… should be in any library collection interested in education, community issues or gay and lesbian studies.”
G. Handman, Video Librarian

It’s Elementary should be consoling to parents who are eager to raise good-hearted children but who can’t imagine how this topic can be addressed in school.”
Editorial, Minneapolis Star-Tribune


“More than ten years after its creation, It’s Elementary remains an indispensable and unparalleled resource for school personnel. Educators must be proactive about addressing prejudice and bias if students are to stay in school and realize their full potential. The NEA strongly encourages educators to use It’s Elementaryas a means of ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for every child.”
—Reg Weaver, president, National Education Association

“Ten years after its original release, It’s Elementary is still inspiring educators to address homophobia and create classrooms where all youth are respected. It should be mandatory for all new teachers if we are serious about raising kids to be free of hate and prejudice.”
—Judy Shepard, executive director, Matthew Shepard Foundation

It’s Elementaryis the most important film dealing with LGBT issues and safe schools ever made. It took a topic that was mystifying to many people and made it real, inspiring an entire generation of educators to see how they could make a difference…. No other film has had a bigger impact on LGBT issues in the schools.”
—Kevin Jennings, executive director, Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

It’s Elementary is not only engaging and relevant, but also capable of raising challenging issues with sensitivity and respect. Regardless of their personal beliefs, my early childhood education students find Its Elementary to be entertaining, thought-provoking, and realistic, deepening their understanding of the challenges of teaching in diverse communities.”
—Randi B. Wolfe, Ph.D., director of workplace development, Los Angeles Universal Preschool

It’s Elementary inspired both the schools and the families in our community. When our PTA introduced It’s
to county school administrators, they decided to implement mandatory training for teachers to address anti-gay discrimination and name-calling for the first time in Maryland schools. And at the same time, the kitchen-table conversations the film promoted at home resulted in the parents in our community signaling a new ‘family value’ of respect for difference and a devotion to creating hate-free schools.”
—Tim Hannapel, past PTA president, Piney Branch Elementary, Takoma Park, MD

“Our experience is that the teachers in our pews want to make a safe space for their students to be who they are and to be respectful of others. It’s
demonstrates how thoughtful teachers can address a topic that is controversial but also fundamental for the creation of a welcoming classroom. Thanks for the wonderful resource!”
—Jan Resseger, minister for public education and witness, United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries

“For a number of years now, It’s Elementary has been a vital resource for introducing the important issue of sexuality into the teacher education programs at Columbia University’s Teachers College. This fine film offers a variety of models showing how anti-gay prejudice and harassment can be appropriately addressed in K-8 classrooms and opens up a space for constructive dialogue about this sensitive topic.”
—Margaret S. Crocco, professor and program coordinator, Social Studies Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

“As a specialist for equity and diversity, the number one question I receive from teachers is, ‘How do I address gay and lesbian issues in my classroom?’ That is why I show It’s
in all of the professional development trainings I facilitate for teachers. This amazing video’s illustration of strategies to address anti-gay bias with students as young as first grade is not only informative but very entertaining. I would highly recommend it to all educators concerned with the safety and climate of their classrooms.”
—Stephen Jimenez, Project 10, Los Angeles Unified School District

It’s Elementaryis the most comprehensive tool for child educators who want to instill the belief that all people deserve to be treated with respect. Teachers, educational administrators, and clergy of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths have found this discussion to be important and necessary. Ten years after its original release, the film continues to be a unique resource for addressing the stereotypes and prejudice that still cause children to be excluded, bullied, and physically hurt.”
—Rebecca Stapel-Wax, director, The Rainbow Center, Jewish Family and Career Services

“The Madison Metropolitan School District is proud to have served as one of the sites for the original filming of It’s Elementary .The film has been and continues to be an important and outstanding resource for our district to discuss issues related to sexual orientation, which affect our parents, students, staff, and community across all grade levels.”
—Art Rainwater, superintendent, Madison Metropolitan School District

“Groundbreaking—a must-see for educational policymakers everywhere.”
—Luis O. Reyes, coordinator, Coalition for Educational Excellence for English Language Learners

“Packed with humor, compassion, real people, real kids and solid information, It’s Elementary is a superb educational tool—one that is very appropriate for religious communities working toward full acceptance of lesbian and gay people.”
—Rabbi Yoel Kahn, director, Taube Center for Jewish Life, Jewish Community Center –San Francisco

“Deciding to address homophobia without showing It’s Elementarywould be like going to a baseball game and not playing the national anthem. The film is an absolute must-see for any school or organization that is serious about addressing anti-gay prejudice.”
—Tom Little, director, Park Day School, Oakland, California

It’s Elementaryought to be mandatory viewing for anyone involved in secular or religious education. As a Christian minister, I have found this film to be a tremendous tool for helping to generate conversation on this important topic with groups of all ages.”
—The Reverend Philip Cable, Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church


CINE Golden Eagle

Outstanding Film Documentary, GLAAD Media Award

Multicultural Media Award, National Association for Multicultural Education

Best Documentary, Chicago International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Best Documentary, Pittsburgh International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Best Documentary, Santa Barbara Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Best Documentary, Santa Fe Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival

Best Documentary, San Francisco Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival

Best Documentary, Turin (Italy ) International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Juror’s Choice Award, Charlotte Film Festival

Audience Award, Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival

Best Educational Film, Northern Lights (Alaska) International Film Festival

Best Feature Audience Award, Barcelona International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Silver Apple, National Educational Media Network

Silver Spire, Golden Gate Awards, San Francisco International Film Festival

Honorable Mention, Milan Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Honor Award, Skipping Stones