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It's Elementary Press Kit

It's Elementary Press Kit

The groundbreaking film that addresses anti-gay prejudice by providing adults with practical lessons on how to talk with children about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. Part of The Respect for All Project.

It’s Elementary has been covered in scores of publications and radio and TV outlets across the U.S. and throughout the world. From film reviews to academic journals, from CNN Headline News to Salt Lake City AM talk radio, the media has been fascinated by this groundbreaking film. Notable quotes and links to complete articles and audio reviews are below.

It’s Elementary Notable Quotes

"Could become one of the most important films ever devoted to lesbian and gay issues."
Barry Walters, San Francisco Examiner

"A model of intelligent directing."
— International Documentary

"A sterling production…highly recommended for parents, educators, and other adults."
— Starred Review, Booklist, American Library Association

"…smart, rewarding, enormously valuable…"

Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times

"It’s Elementary does a lot to cool down one of education’s hottest potatoes…[it] should be consoling to parents who are eager to raise good-hearted children but who can’t imagine how this topic can be addressed in school."
Editorial, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Remarkable…should be in any library collection interested in education, community issues, or gay and lesbian studies."
G. Handman, Video Librarian

"We were moved, inspired, provoked, and impressed. What an extraordinary film. What a great contribution."
— Roberta Achtenberg and Mary Morgan, writing in The Advocate

Full Reviews and Articles About It’s Elementary in Online Print and Audio

Gay Issues at an ‘Elementary’ Level: How schools teach about sexuality
by Edward Guthmann, October 2, 1996
For Debra Chasnoff, the San Francisco filmmaker who called for a boycott of General Electric with her film “Deadly Deception” and won an Oscar in the process, there doesn’t seem to be any subject too sensitive for the screen. Read more…

Gay Issues, Schools, and The Right-Wing Backlash
by Eric Rofes, Spring 1997
In Colorado Springs, home to powerful right-wing organizations and the U.S. Air Force Academy, the Palmer High School student newspaper writes a front-page story on the problems confronting lesbian and gay youth. Read more…

Teaching Teachers to Talk about Gay Issues
by Brett Brune, October 13, 1996
Love. Sick. Happy. Perverse. Married. Weird. These are some of the words that fourth graders in Public School 87 in Manhattan scrawled when their teacher asked them to brainstorm about the words gay and lesbian. Read more…

Sticks and Stones May Break Their Bones, But Names Can Break Their Spirit
by June Million, December 1998

Three recent events gave me the guts to tackle the touchy topic of how schools are grappling with harassment, safety, and respect for the differences of sexual minority (gay, lesbian, bisexual) youngsters and their families. Read more…

Teaching Tolerance
All Things Considered, July 1, 1999
Gay activists have been working with the Chicago public schools in an effort to get the tape “It’s Elementary” distributed to all schools in the district. Officials say the tape — which promotes tolerance of homosexuals — will be used to sensitize social workers, counselors and teachers in an effort to make sure all students feel safe. NPR’s Cheryl Corley reports. Listen now.
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It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School
A review by Gerald Notaro, University Librarian, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
Documentary and Academy Award winner Debra Chasnoff, has already caused a stir in schools among parents and educators. And, like most good films, it’s also racking up a slew of prestigious awards. Read more…