Launching a New Program for Parents and Guardians to Address Bullying and Build Positive School Climate

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In the course of making documentaries about some of the most important issues of our time, GroundSpark staff develops expertise that is highly sought after in the national media. We are proud to be a spark to help change the national conversation to create a more just world.

PTA Meetings Here We Come!

San Francisco, CA  – October 7, 2013

Contact: GroundSpark, Eileen Glaser, Education Coordinator

GroundSpark and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRCF) launched a new initiative today to support parents and guardians in addressing bias-related name-calling and bullying in their children’s elementary and middle schools.

Through our Respect for All Project, we are partnering with HRCF’s Welcoming Schools program to provide all tools and materials needed to present a two-hour evening program for any PTA, PTO, or community group. The program is part of the national effort to address bullying through National Bullying Awareness Month.

This extensive program resouces consist of:

“We strongly believe that parents and guardians are the third leg of the stool that must be engaged in order to have a safe school learning environment,” says GroundSpark president and film director Debra Chasnoff. “This program and partnership with Welcoming Schools will help strengthen any school’s work with staff and students. We’ve made it very easy for any group of parents to turn their interest and concern into action.”

The films and structured activities will help families understand what kinds of bullying students are experiencing and observing. Tand help communities take a serious look at how factors like race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, economic status, religion, country of origin, physical or learning disabilities are involved in many bullying situations.

“This partnership is designed to engage communities with strategies to help support “ally” behavior among students, said Kim Westheimer, director of Welcoming Schools. “The tools provide concrete resources to help adults and students create environments where diversity is respected and celebrated. “

To learn more about the program and to sign up for an event and purchase the kit, visit schools.