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Continue Debra Chasnoff’s Legacy

With her huge heart and keen intelligence, Debra Chasnoff touched the lives of vast numbers of people through her fierce commitment to effecting social change with media. Many of you may not have known about her more than two-year long journey with breast cancer.

Following her diagnosis in June, 2015, she began documenting all facets of her experience. She envisioned a film that could help shape how people with cancer, their families, caregivers, healers, and medical practitioners approach life-changing diagnoses. She hoped to provide a powerful example of how to live fully in the face of an unknown prognosis. Central to Debra and her wife Nancy’s approach to dealing with cancer was an insistence that no one put a timeframe to her life expectancy. They offered the rest of us a breathtaking example.

In honor of Debra’s work and activism, her family and friends – many of whom are filmmakers and have been making this film with her since the beginning – are committed to seeing this project through. Hundreds of hours have been filmed and there is much research and development to be done.  Debra entrusted Nancy Otto, Lidia Szajko, Joan Lefkowitz, Kate Stilley and Carrie Lozano to follow through with the film, working title: “Prognosis”.

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