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GroundSpark’s work in Lake County highlighted tonight on KQED’s “California Report”

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GroundSpark’s work in Lake County, California is featured in an important story on today’s “California Report” airing on public radio throughout the state at 8pm today.

Reporter Scott Shafer wanted to do a follow up story on the two-year anniversary of the tragic murder of Ventura County openly gay eighth grader Lawrence King. With a grant from the California Endowment and the Ford Foundation, GroundSpark’s Respect for All Project (RFAP) has been reaching out in Ventura County to encourage the schools to do pro-active education with teachers and students to prevent bias-based harassment.

We also told Scott about the amazing work happening north of the Bay Area in Lake County, where we have been supporting a network of educators, parents, and activists to strengthen the county’s efforts to be pro-active and to implement comprehensive anti-bias plans in help prevent bias and violence.

Over the last two years, Cristy Chung, our community programs director, and Barry Chersky, one of our longtime faciliator/trainers, have helped community leaders conduct a county-wide assessment and develop a blueprint for taking more concrete steps to create safer and more welcoming schools.

Last week they showed Lake County’s Respect for All Task Force our new film for high school students, Straightlaced—How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up. The California Report’s Scott Shafer was in Lake Country and talked to Cristy about GroundSpark’s work. Tune in today to hear the story (at 8 pm on KQED), or listen to the story online.

GroundSpark’s Respect for All Project provides films, curricular resources and professional development training programs to support school communities to be safe, inclusive, and welcoming for all students. For help in your community, visit