Who Should See This Film

A Foot in the Door

The City and County of San Francisco has launched the first universal college savings program in the country, providing a college savings account to every public school kindergarten student.

A Foot in the Door is recommended for:

Policy advocates and government agenciesUse the film to spark discussions about the long-term economic benefits of programs like Kindergarten to College, both city and nation-wide. It can be used as a model for establishing similar initiatives and as a tool for fostering partnerships with other agencies, organizations, and financial institutions.

Financial services providersWith programs such as Kindergarten to College, banks have the opportunity to help families establish their childrens’ college savings accounts. Use CitiBank’s Community Development Program, featured in the film, as a guide to how your company can give back to the community and help shape future generations through financial resources and education.

Community groups, parents, and educatorsLearn about the nuts and bolts of the Kindergarten to College program – from the benefits of establishing children’s college savings accounts to the incorporation of money management in school curricula – and get ideas for starting a similar program in your community.