A Foot in the Door

The City and County of San Francisco has launched the first universal college savings program in the country, providing a college savings account to every public school kindergarten student.

A Foot in the Door tells a compelling story of children, hope and possibility that has inspired us as we move forward with our project in Colorado. There are signs and wows each time we show the film.
– Julia Martinez, Strategic Policy Advisor, Colorado Department of Human Services

Usually when I tell people about Children’s Savings Accounts, it’s like ‘yeah, yeah, sure’ but when I can show it to them (through A Foot in the Door), it makes a big difference. Most of the bankers liked the idea when I explained it to them, but showing the movie was like the cherry on top. It got them super excited about it.
Blake Perez, Program Coordinator Community Action Partnership of Utah (CAP Utah), the statewide association for Utah’s nine anti-poverty Community Action Agencies

We have never seen anything like this—that speaks so strongly to our situation and the vision we have. As we continue to advocate, we will keep showing A Foot in the Door.
– Lakota Mowrer, Assistant Director Four Bands Community Fund, a Community Development Financial Institution serving Cheyenne River, Indian Reservation, South Dakota

I haven’t shown it to a single person who hasn’t been touched and motivated by it, including a United Way director, the state education staff member in charge of financial literacy, and other community leaders who make things happen. A picture is really worth 1000 words!
– Cindy Fletcher, Program Coordinator Family Economics Professor, Iowa State University

The poverty and the homelessness here is staggering. I showed the film to our mayor, hoping to plant some seeds to help our youth have a better future. It’s hard to move this idea forward here, but I’m going to try. The film makes a really compelling case.
– Cathy Perry, Program Director, Respect for Awareness Project, Bemidji, MN