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A Foot in the Door

The City and County of San Francisco has launched the first universal college savings program in the country, providing a college savings account to every public school kindergarten student.

Executive Producers

CFED is a champion of asset building and advocates for the creation of children’s savings accounts across the country.  CFED was a key advisor to the City of San Francisco in setting up Kindergarten to College.  Contact us to learn more about children’s savings accounts.

Citi Community Development leads Citi’s commitment to achieving financial inclusion and economic empowerment for all. We enable people to build credit and accumulate savings by providing them with the tools and the knowledge to adopt positive financial behaviors that facilitate asset building and preservation. Citibank is the financial services provider for the Kindergarten to College program.  Contact us to learn more about how Citi supports children’s savings accounts across the country.

The Kindergarten to College program  / The SF OFE administers the K2C program, which offers the country’s first universal children’s savings account program to every kindergartener entering the San Francisco public school system. Please contact us to learn more about the K2C program, or our other financial empowerment initiatives.The San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment (SF OFE) is a program of the City and County of San Francisco with a mission to bring more low-income San Franciscans into the financial mainstream.


Film Producers

A Foot in the Door is a co-production with Citizen Film.

Citizen Film is a not-for-profit production company dedicated to crafting documentary stories with care and dignity. We believe the best advocacy tool is a well-told story about real people making real change in their everyday lives. Citizen Film collaborates with cultural institutions and community organizations to craft documentary films and online media that foster active engagement in cultural and civic life.