A Foot in the Door

A Foot in the Door

The City and County of San Francisco has launched the first universal college savings program in the country, providing a college savings account to every public school kindergarten student.

Children who have a college savings account in their own name are seven times more likely to actually go to college than those who don’t—regardless of how much money is saved in the account.

Making sure every student has their own college savings account not only increases the chances that they will go on to higher education, it also helps break the intergenerational cycle of poverty by teaching financial literacy and moving a new generation into the banking system.

A Foot in the Door tells the story of Kindergarten to College (K2C), the first universal children’s savings account program in the United States. Launched by the City and County of San Francisco, the program automatically provides a college savings account to children when they start kindergarten.

GroundSpark was commissioned by CFED, Citi Community Development and the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment to craft a short film that would inspire government officials, private sector partners, educators, and advocates to consider developing children’s savings accounts of their own.

Produced in collaboration with Citizen Film.

Running Time: 16 minutes