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Dear Sporty Hot Dog Girl

By | Straightlaced

Last week we received an email from a woman named Monique Marshall. Apparently she had attended the Straightlaced premiere in Los Angeles last March. Monique purchased a copy of the film and then took it home to watch with her ten-year-old daughter, Moreau.

Moreau wrote a letter to T’Uh from STRAIGHTLACED

Moreau wrote a letter to T’Uh from STRAIGHTLACED

T’Uh, “the Sporty Hot Dog Girl” in STRAIGHTLACED

T’Uh, “the Sporty Hot Dog Girl” in STRAIGHTLACED

After seeing the film, Moreau asked her mother if she could write a letter to one of the young people in Straightlaced. This is Moreau’s letter to “Sporty Hot Dog Girl:”

Ms letter to TUh1

In the film, after constant badgering from others to look different and act “the way ‘young ladies’ are supposed to,” T’Uh stands firmly by her choice to look different and be herself in the world–“I do what I want. I like being different.”

I went ahead and sent the letter to T’Uh over the weekend and she had this to say in response: “The letter touched my heart and gave me chills. I’m going to write to my new buddy right away.”

Thank you Monique, for sharing Straightlaced with your daughter! The culture change that we need for our young people to be their fullest and brightest selves will take the work of many–especially parents.

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  • thanks for posting. I sent this to friends who in turn read this whole post to their “sporty” 12 year old daughter. And so it continues…..

    Comment by Betty Tisel — January 25, 2010 @ 8:30 pm

  • I felt compelled to respond to your letter. I have a member of my family just like T’uh and you. This boy/girl thing can be complicated, so just know that being a KID first is fine. As a parent, I thought it was important that both you and your mother know the world does have a lot of great open minded people in the world who will support and love you. Keep following YOUR heart and YOUR feelings.

    All the Best,
    Leslye Orr Mistry

    Comment by Leslye Orr Mistry — January 26, 2010 @ 4:20 pm

  • I just wanted to write and publicly thank all of the people who have showed their incredible support for my daughter Moreau who is featured in this blog…I wanted everyone to know what has happend since the posting of her letter…
    Moreau and T’Uh have become serious email pals! They have exchanged writing about their favorite subjects and sports…they have discovered many connections between them…T’Uh has generously taken on a mentor role in her relationship with Moreau. With a few words of kindness and understanding, she has given Moreau SO much. Moreau and I (and of course her Daddy and her little sister) could not be more thrilled! What better gift for a mom to know so many arms are around her child? Thank you Groundspark, for your amazing films. Thank you Brittney for publishing Moreau’s letter and telling her story. Thank you T’Uh for your sensitivity and willingness to reach out. Thank you to our friends, family and to the strangers who are now friends…thanks for sharing Moreau’s story, passing on the support for others who need it and giving my big girl the strength to continue to love herself just the way she is.

    Comment by Monique Marshall — January 31, 2010 @ 11:52 am

  • Dearest Moreau,
    I am your grandma”K” and I am simply speechless! You are the most beautiful and sweetest girl–not just now but ever since your parents brought you into this world! How could ANYONE at all even THINK that you are a boy and not a girl? Well, I guess, maybe this is the hard way of finding out how many ridiculously stupid people there are in this world. Don’t even acknowledge them, Moreau, you are way above all of them. Grandpa Billy and I love you more than anything…we don’t want you to get hurt by anything. You are the GREATEST AND LOVELIEST GIRL (right beside your mom, hahaha) that I have ever seen. Love, Grandma “K”

    Comment by Karin Notbom-Healey — January 31, 2010 @ 5:44 pm

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