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Meet Some GroundSpark Heroes!

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At GroundSpark we stay pretty busy—and passionate about social justice—not just during the week day but in our “off hours” as well. Take Cristy Chung, for example. She’s the Community Programs Manager here at GroundSpark, where she specializes in helping underserved school communities take steps to build more safe and inclusive learning environments— but her dedication to equal civil rights goes well beyond the 9-5 work day. Her involvement in the quest to achieve marriage equality is extraordinary. Recently a piece in the Gay and Lesbian Times came out detailing her work and how she became the lead plaintiff on the case that led to the California Supreme Court ruling on behalf of marriage equality. Click here to read her amazing story that started several years ago.

Cristy Chung, Community Programs Manager at GroundSpark
Christy Chung

Not only does GroundSpark proudly claim Cristy, we’re also fortunate to call Karen Strauss and Ruth Borenstein members of the GroundSpark family as well. Ruth has served on our board of directors for over six years, and she and her partner, Karen, also are major donors. They are now also the lead plaintiffs in Strauss v. Horton, the case now pending before the California Supreme Cour to overturn Proposition 8. Oral arguments in the case will be held on March 5th. Click here to read a summary of the case, and here to see the actual petition which contains a really moving story of why Karen and Ruth couldn’t get married before the November elections.

Ruth Borensetin and Karen Strauss watch the inauguration of Barack Obama (courtesy of Kim Komenic and the SF Chronicle)

Ruth Borensetin and Karen Strauss watch the inauguration of Barack Obama (courtesy of Kim Komenic and the SF Chronicle)

In the next few weeks GroundSpark will be releasing some new support guidelines for educators to help them stay strong in providing LGBT-inclusive curriculum, despite the negative messaging about LGBT families and schools that emerged during the Prop 8 battle. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check this blog to be sure to receive this information when it’s ready.

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