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Debra Chasnoff touched the lives of vast numbers of people through her fierce commitment to effecting social change with media. Following her breast cancer diagnosis in June, 2015, she began documenting all facets of her experience living with a terminal illness. She envisioned a film that could help shape how people with cancer, their families, caregivers, healers, and medical practitioners approach life-changing diagnoses. Read more.

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Debra’s important work continues, even after her death.
Through her final documentary, PROGNOSIS – notes on living, Debra hoped to provide a powerful example of how to live fully in the face of an unknown prognosis. Central to Debra and her wife Nancy’s approach to dealing with cancer was an insistence that no one put a timeframe to her life expectancy. They offered the rest of us a breathtaking example.

Debra entrusted her wife, Nancy Otto, and filmmaking friends – Kate Stilley Steiner, Carrie Lozano, Joan Lefkowitz and Lidia Szajko – to complete the film. After reviewing over 200 hours of footage, the filmmaking team is excited to see the film taking shape and hope to complete it by early 2020. Efforts are underway to build partnerships with key organizations to help promote the film to likely audiences.

PROGNOSIS – notes on living is co-produced by the 501(c)3 non-profit Citizen Film.